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Tous les projets de la Fondation Amane et de Moroccan Children’s Trust se basent sur des recherches menées sur le terrain.
Liste des différentes recherches accomplies par les membres de FAPE/MCT et les volontaires :


Recherches passées:

    2010 – “A different path: Les expériences vécues de 40 enfants en situation de la rue à Taroudant”

    2012 – “Toolkit: Working with special needs children at Lalla Amina orphanage” (Tomi Makanjuola)

    2013 – Headcount of street-connected children in Taroudant, Southern Morocco

    2013 – Contribution : Consortium for Street Children’s “Shadow report on the rights of children: street children in Morocco” for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s 67 th Session

    2013 – Contribution : Consortium for Street Children’s submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ report on the right of the child to birth registration

    2014 – A quantitative head count of children at risk of street-related behaviours and dangers in Taroudant, Morocco

    2014 – Contribution : “Nothing about us without us: A toolkit for working or wanting to work with adolescent street-connected girls”

    2014 – Rapport : « Le droit à la déclaration de naissance au Maroc : Un projet pilote au sud Maroc »

    2014 – Participatory research with street-connected children (Thèse, Wu)

    2015 – Consultation des familles sur la question des familles d’accueil au Maroc

    2015 – « Recommandations pour assurer le droit à la déclaration de naissance »

    2015 – Guide d’enregistrement à l’état civil au Maroc (en arabe)

    2016 – “Timarghin N’wourgh’ : Un groupe de femmes au sud du Maroc” (Thèse, Booth)

    2017 – Guide of project CARE (Citizen’s Access to Registration)

    2017 – The views of the community in relation to child protection


    2017 – “Single Mothers in Morocco: Social Stigma and Struggle for Identity”

Recherches actuelles:

    2016-2018 – The views of children in southern Morocco in relation to non-kin foster care (Partnership with the University Ibn Zohr Agadir’s Law Department and the University College London)

    2017-2018 – Project D.A.R.

Recherches futures:

    2018 – “The Mother’s Groups: Assessing acceptability and impact of a parenting intervention in Southern Morocco”

    2018 – “Exploring the facilitators and obstacles to developing foster care as an alternative to institutional care in southern Morocco” (link to foster care)

    2018 – “Action Research; Child sponsorship and child rights”

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